Yao Gaoyuan,mayor Of Wenzhou Visited Xinya For Inspection And Guidance

Yao Gaoyuan,mayor Of Wenzhou Visited Xinya For Inspection And Guidance

Date:Nov 27, 2019

This year, Wenzhou City designated November 1 as the “Wenzhou Private Entrepreneur Festival”. On the occasion of the first "Wenzhou Private Entrepreneur Festival", the mayor of Wenzhou Yao Gaoyuan, accompanied by the deputy secretary of Yueqing Municipal Committee and the mayor Fang Hui, visited Xinya for inspection and guidance.


Mayor Yao and his party visited our high-frequency data line production workshop, our president Mr. Zhao Zhanbing made a detailed report. Xinya mainly develops, produces and sells consumer electronics and industrial control wire, automotive electronic wire, high-frequency data wire and special wire and other products.Especially high-frequency transmission data lines, consumer electronics and industrial control wire, domestic leading, alternative import, widely used In the field of electronic information technology and high-end equipment such as cloud computing server, 5G base station, industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing, smart home, etc., it is in line with the national development strategy of “13th Five-Year National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan” and “Made in China 2025”.The mayor of Yao gave us a high evaluation.


After visiting the workshop, Mayor Yao gave flowers and "A congratulatory letter to majority of private entrepreneurs " to our president Zhao Zhanbing, and extended cordial greetings! Mayor Yao said that they set up the "Wenzhou Private Entrepreneur Festival" to stimulate and protect the entrepreneurial spirit and guide the whole society to respect entrepreneurs as respecting scientists. We must take the festival as an opportunity to further optimize the business environment, and put the respect for private entrepreneurs into practice, create a good atmosphere for entrepreneurial innovation and healthy development.


Mayor Yao and his party also had a discussion with Xinya top management. Our president Zhao Zhanbing reported to them about good development trend and challenges of Xinya Electronics. Mayor Yao fully affirmed Xinya’s contribution to the local economic development. Wish Xinya could continue to play a leading role in demonstration and continue to take root in Wenzhou. Adhere to industry, drive innovation and return to society, set more high-quality projects in their hometowns, and make greater contributions to Wenzhou economy.


President Zhao Zhanbing said that with the encouragement and support of governments, Xinya Electronics will make concerted efforts and work hard to achieve the grand vision of “becoming a leader in the global fine electronic wire industry” and make new contributions to Wenzhou’s economic development!





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