XINYA 2019 Annual Meeting Report

XINYA 2019 Annual Meeting Report

Date:May 20, 2020


On January 18, 2020, the annual meeting of new Asia electronics co., LTD was held in royal garden hotel.More than 700 people of the company gather together with the company's leading directors to enjoy the party, share the harvest and joy of 2019, and look forward to a better 2020 together.

In his speech, the general manager comprehensively and objectively summarized and affirmed the achievements made by various departments of the company in 2019, pointed out the direction of progress before 2020, and sent his best wishes for the New Year, which filled everyone with the confidence to win and the strength to forge ahead, and gave them a warm heart.

Xinya electronics delivered a satisfactory result in 2019, which could not be achieved without the hard work of every employee. The annual conference also held an award ceremony & honors and awards. We look forward to the new Asia people working together in the New Year to continue the brilliant performance.

The 2019 annual meeting ended with laughter and laughter. This annual meeting not only brought laughter and laughter to all of you, but also brought our colleagues closer to each other.The truth, the truth, blessing language, every sentence of the heart;Let all employees feel the warmth of the new Asia family, the strength of the company's team unity to forge ahead.This will surely become a wonderful memory for all employees in the big family of xinya, and will also be a wonderful start for 2020.There is no perfect individual, as long as the perfect team, cohesion produces strength, unity produces hope.2020, a new leap, a new journey, let us work together to create a win-win situation, dream voyage.

  As everyone in a nice New Year holiday, will be of a sudden outbreak of coronavirus force, in the face of the new champions league outbreak company after a long period of preparation finally began to return to work at the end of February, during the return to work company cancelled a series of meetings to take the situation of video conference, perform per person per day in temperature measuring and distribute mask, in the dining room, a clock in places across the distance out of contact program and so on.The company will not only protect the safety of employees but also delay the company's progress and orderly production.Then, in response to the impact of the epidemic on the orders, the company promptly developed a new production line -- nose bridge line, so as to provide the basic parts of medical supplies for the society faster and better.I believe that new Asia will surely overcome the difficulties of covid-19 and develop into a better new type of enterprise.XINYA, come on!

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