Xinaya Electronics Corporate Culture - Employee Birthday Party

Xinaya Electronics Corporate Culture - Employee Birthday Party

Date:Oct 31, 2019

Under the arrangement of human resources department, the company held a warm birthday party for the employees whose birthday was in October, which not only brought us a full sense of happiness, but also enhances the corporate culture.



On the evening of 22.Oct, the birthday party was held as scheduled.  The company specially prepared cakes, greeting cards and gifts for them, The whole staff sang birthday songs together, cut cakes, make wishes and blow candles together.

A small birthday party not only makes employees feel the humanistic care of XINYA , but also forms a part of the corporate culture of XINYA, shortens the distance between employees, and enhances the cohesion of the team. It is Xinya's responsibility and mission to make every employee work happily. Next, the company will prepare more different surprises and benefits for employees, so that employees and the company can grow and develop together, and write a new subculture chapter together.


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