Wireless Power Technology Or Terminating Power Cord

Wireless Power Technology Or Terminating Power Cord

Date:Jun 03, 2019

Finding more diverse alternative charging methods has always been a challenge for consumer electronics companies. Space navigation also consumes a lot of energy when performing tasks, and it needs to improve energy efficiency as much as possible.

Thomas Stall, an expert in Applied Physics at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, said space research is working to develop a new energy transmission model that transfers solar energy from space to the Earth's grid for distribution. Technologies for powering electronic devices over wireless networks are under development, which will free people from the need for wired charging.

Of course, whether to develop an independent network or to use the existing wireless network in space or in the home for wireless power supply is still undecided. However, either way, power will be transmitted through a similar open medium through a box shaped like a wireless router.

Townstel believes that "through these methods, our blenders, TV sets and washing machines can no longer be used without an external power cord."


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