What Is Talcum Powder

What Is Talcum Powder

Date:Oct 31, 2019

Talcum powder is a kind of white powder, which often appears in the PVC wire and power cord. Talcum powder has the characteristics of lubricity, insulation and strong adsorption. It is a kind of powder normally used in the production of cable.


The jacketed wire has two layers, the outer PE and the inner PVC, In addition to strengthening the water-proof performance, the PVC  inside the jacketed wire use PVC sheath to separate the network cable and power cord, which can effectively reduce its own interference, avoid the interference brought by the outside, and play a dual protection role.

The main function of talcum powder is to reduce the friction between the jacket and the wire core, reduce the contact surface between the two, and make them not easy to stick together, so as to prevent the jacket and the inner core from sticking together to break the wire core during stripping.

In the production process of extruded power cord, due to the extrusion, the jacket PVC and insulation will stick together. The main function is that in the production process, the jacket PVC sheath and  insulation are not easy to stick together.

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