Warmly Welcome Customers To XINYA For Audit

Warmly Welcome Customers To XINYA For Audit

Date:Jan 11, 2020

On January 8, 2020, Vietnamese customers  came to our company for a three-day audit.


Before the audit, we held the first meeting, and the quality department made a systematic description of the production and operation process. Then, accompanied by Mr bo, manager of the quality department, the customer went deep into the production workshop and all aspects of quality control, and made a detailed analysis of the workshop environment, production capacity, quality assurance, manufacturing process, site specification, operation process and relevant documents and records And check. In view of the questions raised by customers in the audit process, the quality department also gave detailed and accurate answers one by one, which made customers have a clear understanding of our company's production management and technical level, and highly affirmed by customers.



After the on-site audit, the last meeting was also held. At the meeting, the customers expressed great recognition and satisfaction for the company's production management, quality control, workshop environment and other aspects, and also put forward some valuable guiding opinions. The Vietnam customer audit not only deepened the confidence of the company, but also laid a good foundation for the long-term cooperation between the two sides.


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