Under The New Coronary Pneumonia Our Company Resumed Work.

Under The New Coronary Pneumonia Our Company Resumed Work.

Date:Feb 29, 2020

    The continuous outbreak of new coronary pneumonia affected the whole display industry chain.Although it shows that the upstream enterprises in the industry have sounded the call for the resumption of assembly, but the shortage of resumption rate, transportation, supply shortage, cost increase, demand reduction and other problems have had a great impact on the confidence of the upstream power supply chain manufacturers, in the face of such a situation we still resolutely resumed work.

During the construction period, our company set up an epidemic prevention and control team to carry out personnel control, environmental disinfection, epidemic publicity, material preparation, and docking with the community and health department under our charge, so as to ensure that all epidemic prevention measures of the company are well organized, implemented to the department and responsible to people.

  1. Safeguard temperature measuring instruments, personal protective equipment, disinfectants, disinfection equipment and other epidemic prevention and control materials.

   2. Provide information on new coronavirus protection such as isolation at home, on the way home, commuting, daily work and life, and medical treatment, and publicize epidemic prevention and control knowledge through electronic screens, radio and bulletin boards.

  3. Before the resumption of work, carry out personnel inspection and risk assessment, and strictly control the personnel clearance.

  4. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the office space, workshop, canteen, staff dormitory, hand-washing shower and other internal and external environments, as well as the air conditioning and ventilation system.

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