The Belt And Road Has Brought New Opportunities For The Export Of Wire& Cable.

The Belt And Road Has Brought New Opportunities For The Export Of Wire& Cable.

Date:Nov 07, 2019

   The United States is China's largest cable trade import and export country, which accounts for more than 16% of the total trade volume. The continuous upgrading of the Sino US trade war has a significant impact on China's import and export in 2019. It is predicted that China's Cable Import and export trade will show negative growth in 2019, and the volume of wire&cable import and export trade between China and the United States will further reduce. However, "The Belt and Road"has brought new opportunities for the export of wire& cable.

"The Belt and Road" covers Asia Pacific, Eurasia, Middle East, Africa and so on, including 65 countries, with a total population of over 4.4 billion, accounting for 63% of the world's population, and the total economic volume exceeds US $20 trillion, accounting for 30% of the total global economy. Most of these countries are emerging economies and developing countries, and are generally in the rising period of economic development, and the demand for wire and cable is in a long-term growth trend.But in the short term, there will be some differences in regional opportunities. It is expected that the growth of ASEAN, CEE and West Asia will be relatively stable, which will be significantly higher than the overall level of China's cable export; the structure of China's cable export products needs to be upgraded.

Under the new situation of prevailing international trade protectionism, the extensive export growth mode of Chinese wire& cable enterprises at the low end of the product value chain is becoming more and more difficult to maintain, and the export needs to change and upgrade from quantity to quality. In the future, the export of high value-added products will be the future direction.

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