Notes For Using High Temperature Line Release

Notes For Using High Temperature Line Release

Date:Nov 14, 2019

       High temperature wire is finding wider and wider application in daily life, but in the process of using high temperature wire will note the problem that fit into unnecessary loss, below inform you the problem of the high temperature wire should note:


   A). Before use high temperature wire according to the matching accuracy, we need to make sure that model should be in accordance with the requirements, so to be able to guarantee basic safety of the use.


   B). During the installation of the high temperature wire, we should pay attention not to beat the high temperature wire violently, which may easily lead to cracking of the high temperature wire, especially in the winter season.


   C). When storing, please pay attention, do not put the high temperature wire in a place with strong humidity.


   D).Pay attention to the high temperature wire's storage and use life, expired date and etc.

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