Multi-core Cable Production Process

Multi-core Cable Production Process

Date:Jun 26, 2019

The steps in the manufacturing process of the multi-core cable mainly include the following parts:

(1) Intercept the cable length. After analyzing the cable manufacturing requirements, first of all, it is necessary to carefully check the production drawings, determine the cable according to the required model, and then intercept the length according to the requirements.

(2) Pre-treating the cable. After the length of the cable is intercepted, test it to ensure that the electrical connector tail cover can pass through the cable. After the determination, determine the length of the surface stripping of the cable according to the length of the tail cover. On the insulation layer, effectively avoiding stress on the core wire. If the tail cover cannot pass through the cable, the outer insulation of the cable should be cut symmetrically from both sides and turned outwards, and then tied with a cable tie to ensure that the tail cover can pass through the cable. 

(3) Processing the shielding layer. Due to the actual needs, the multi-core cable generally uses the shielded wire as the core wire. In the process of processing, usually, a core wire is left to be connected with the outer casing of the electrical connector. 

(4) Determination of the logo. Identify the main Genwei cable identification and core identification. When determining the cable identification, first select the appropriate casing according to the outer diameter of the cable, and then mark the casing; when determining the core marking, determine the casing according to the thickness of the core and the size of the welding cup. After the identification is made, the identification mark is inserted into the transparent heat shrinkable sleeve on the outer layer, which facilitates the preservation of the identification and avoids the ambiguity of the identification due to some reasons after using for a period of time. Disappearing is not conducive to the follow-up work. 

(5) Pre-treating the core wire. On the basis of the stripping of the cable core wire, the stripping length of the core wire insulation is determined according to the length of the welding cup in the connector, and the tool commonly used in the stripping process is a wire stripper, but in stripping In the process of removing, it is necessary to avoid damage to the wire, and the core wire should be inspected in time to ensure the gloss of the core wire. When these procedures are completed, the cable can be tinned, but the time is guaranteed to ensure the quality of the cable.

1.5mm single core cable

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