Manufacturing Individual Product Champion

Manufacturing Individual Product Champion

Date:Jun 01, 2020

     To guide the manufacturing enterprise focus on innovation and quality improvement, in the global market of more niche products field, the respect such as technology leading single champion status, enhance international competitiveness, our country manufacturing industry to promote the industry as a whole toward high-end in the global value chain in our country, according to "about printing & lt; manufacturing single champion to foster ascension special action plan & gt; notice (no. 105 [2016] of the ministry of industry) and on the organization recommends a third group of manufacturing single champions enterprise and individual products notice (industry ministry hall al letter [2018] no. 19), the voluntary reporting of the enterprise,Xinya won the single champion in the manufacturing industry of high-conductivity precision composite wire with the recommendation of the competent departments of industry and information technology and central enterprises, the qualification and qualification demonstration of industry associations, and the demonstration of expert groups.The certificate is issued by CECA.


  But as the products made in the field of fine, the product research and development, production and quality management requirements, market concentration will be increased gradually, the market gradually mature, large-scale production enterprises downstream enterprises get more high quality stable order, new Asia has period of time in the industry for more than 20 years, its initial investment in production equipment, high-quality customers and quality management experience have become an important market competitiveness, so large enterprises to obtain the certificate is like new Asia deserves it.


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