How To Discern The Stand Or Fall Of High Temperature Wire

How To Discern The Stand Or Fall Of High Temperature Wire

Date:Nov 16, 2019

Current market of high temperature wire is uneven, inferior high temperature wire goes out not poor in market upper layer, so people should polish the eye when line of high temperature of choose and buy.

1. Look at the conductor copper wire color. National industry standard cable conductor copper wire must choose pure copper that is, oxygen free copper (1 industry called copper, commonly known as red copper). Oxygen-free copper content up to 99.9%, purity is higher, color bright and soft, oxygen content is higher copper color dark.

2. Wipe the copper wire with white paper. As the unqualified copper wire contains more impurities and is not stable in its fusion with copper, it will leave its mark (blackness) on the white paper after wiping.

3. Bend the copper conductor back and forth. Pure copper wire is soft, good tensile strength, not easy to break.

4. Observe the surface of copper wire. The surface of pure copper wire conductor should not have triangular mouth, burr, crack, kink, fold, inclusion, spot scar, pitting, mechanical damage, corrosion spots and other defects.

5,Spring insulation and sheath surface smooth round, uniform luster, there should be no visible bumps, bubbles, burnt objects; Thickness should be uniform, not eccentric core; No mechanical damage Phenomenon; No adhesion between layers of materials; Full filling, electric grade park; bending White mark is not easy to appear at the bending of cable.

6. Measure whether the copper wire is deficient. Pressure type cable detection is easier, directly measured with caliper copper wire diameter and then according to the national standard cable parameters table comparison. 

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