Function Of Cable Shield

Function Of Cable Shield

Date:Nov 27, 2019

Cable shielding  is a component that isolates electromagnetic field in cable products from external electromagnetic field. The resistivity of semiconductor shielding is very low, generally divided into conductor shielding and insulation shielding. The shielding  of conductor is covered on the conductor to make the surface of conductor smooth and even, eliminate the influence of the gap between conductor and insulating on the electrical performance, and avoid partial discharge between conductor and insulating. The insulating shielding is wrapped on the insulating surface, which is in good contact with the shielded insulating, and is at the same ground potential with the metal shielding, so as to eliminate the influence of the gap between the insulating and the grounded metal shielding (metal sheath) on the electrical performance and avoid partial discharge between the insulating and the metal shielding.

Another kind of shielding is metal shielding, which is usually made of copper tape and copper wire wrapped. The shielding effect increases with the increase of braiding density and number of layers to prevent the magnetic field generated by current from affecting other components. The commonly used cable shielding is generally metal shielding, with low cost and good effect, which can meet the requirements of most customers

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