Emergency Measures When The Wire Is Accidentally Burned

Emergency Measures When The Wire Is Accidentally Burned

Date:Jul 02, 2019

The insulation and sheathing materials of the wires do not contain halogen components, and the non-toxic, low-smoke wires when burned are called halogen-free wires. Although the halogen-free cable burning is non-toxic, the burning of the wire is still not a good thing. The wire is usually fired. The rated current of the leakage switch is greater than the current carried by the wire. At this time, the wire will heat up when a certain temperature is reached. Burning will occur. In this case, we must not be anxious, and we must not directly extinguish it with water. The power should be cut off immediately, and the fire should be extinguished with sand or mud. Of course, we must decide the method of fire fighting according to the size of the fire. If it is caused by special or excessive fire, it must be professionally used with carbon dioxide. Fire-fighting equipment that extinguishes electric fires or call the fire-fighting hotline directly for assistance from professional organizations.

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