China's Electric Wires Take Off With The Help Of IEC

China's Electric Wires Take Off With The Help Of IEC

Date:Nov 06, 2019

The 83rd International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) conference closed in Shanghai on October 25. IEC is the abbreviation of International Electrotechnical Commissio

Nowadays, in China's machinery manufacturing industry, wire&cable industry is  the second largest manufacturing industry in China after automobile industry in annual output value. Since 2012, China has long been the largest manufacturer and consumer of wire&cable in the world for a long time. In recent years, China has not only led the world in quantity, but also made continuous breakthroughs in key core technologies of wire&cable. At present, almost all kinds of wire and cable products that can be produced by large cable enterprises in developed countries can also be produced in China, and they have engineering applications. China's wire has reached the international advanced level in some fields.

     The brilliant development of China's wire&cable industry in recent decades can not be separated from the help of IEC. The national standard system in the field of wire and cable in China is based on IEC international standards. Of the 288 national standards under the centralized management of SAC / TC213 and SAC / tc422, 140 adopt IEC international standards, accounting for 50% of the total national standards. When China formulates the national standard, it refers to many IEC standards. IEC standards play an important basic technical support for the standard system construction and industrial development of China's cable industry.


With the continuous development of China's manufacturing industry, China's manufacturing has gone global, and "made in China" appears in every corner of the world. In particular, the domestic cable enterprises have actively and substantially participated in the IEC international standardization work in the field of technical counterpart for many years, which not only has won the recognition and respect of Chinese technology from the international peers of IEC, but also has played an important role in establishing the Chinese brand and promoting the export of products.

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