Cable Maintenance

Cable Maintenance

Date:Jun 17, 2019

First, when you plug in, you should hold the head instead of pulling it straight out. This is a habit of many people, because the importance of the connection line is not enough, so when the plug is inserted, it is directly pulled, resulting in internal breakage, thereby reducing its service life. At the same time, folding or bending the cable near the plug will also reduce its service life.

Second, you can't put the cable in a dusty, humid place. This easily causes the connection wires to be oxidized, resulting in poor contact.

Third, improper connections can easily damage the cable. It is understood that 40% of people find that when there is a problem with the cable, they will find a tape bag, but they don't know how to connect, which leads to a short circuit or an open circuit, and naturally it will not work properly.

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