Automobile Wires

Automobile Wires

Date:Nov 26, 2019

As the connecting wire in the car, the automobile wire is different from the common wire and cable. Automobile wires belong to low voltage wires, and there are many kinds of colors.


With the rapid development of the times, China now has more than 200 million cars, and has become a big car country. Now people have a stronger sense of environmental protection. The country also vigorously advocates new energy vehicles, using electricity as energy, so as to reduce the carbon emissions of motor vehicles. Automobile wires play a role in the wiring of automobile interior mainly in the form of wire harnesses. Several or more automobile wires of different colors are made into wire harnesses, and the linear requirements of automobiles used in different parts of automobiles are also different. For example, automobile wires with high temperature resistance are needed in the high temperature area of automobiles, while in winter, automobile wires need to play a role of cold resistance In this way, the normal use and service life of the car line can be guaranteed. When the poor automobile wires fail to meet the requirements in performance, it is easy to cause the failure of automobile wires.

Because the standards of automobile manufactured in different countries are different, the automobile wires are also different, mainly divided into national standard automobile wire, German standard automobile wire, American standard automobile wire and Japanese standard automobile wire. The automobile wires have been changed from the original thick wall automobile wires to the most thin wall automobile wires now. In this way, for the automobile wire manufacturers, the requirements and process standards are higher, and the performance is better.


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