Xinya starts the precise intelligent color matching system

Date:May 20, 2020

Color matching is based on the comprehensive consideration of molding process, color powder characteristics, color matching principles, product requirements, etc., to color all kinds of color powder, and then achieve the required color requirements. In the production of wire, the color matching of PVC rubber has a very important influence on the appearance of wire. Color difference is inevitable in the process of color matching of PVC compound. There are many factors affecting color difference, including raw resin, color masterbatch, additive, manufacturing process, etc. because of the wide range involved, color difference control technology is also recognized as one of the more difficult technologies.

Xinya has fully applied precision intelligent color matching system since 2018. The weight and proportion of raw resin, color masterbatch, color powder and other additives used in the manufacturing process of PVC particles are all controlled by the system intelligence. The mixing times of the machine are also controlled by the system precision in time to ensure the intelligent, stable and accurate color matching and minimize the color difference.


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