Xinya attaches great importance to patent application

Date:May 25, 2020

            Technological innovation is the fundamental driving force for the development and growth of enterprises. For enterprises that attach importance to scientific and technological research and development, patent is an effective tool to protect the intellectual achievements of enterprises and maintain the vitality of enterprises.

          Xinya's leadership has deeply recognized the strategic significance of independent intellectual property rights to the company, and has actively innovated in five aspects, including improving leadership, optimizing product mix, strengthening operation efficiency, increasing scientific and technological investment, and expanding production capacity performance, so as to strengthen investment in patents.

        Xinya's leadership said that the competitiveness of intellectual property rights in the international market is increasingly reflected. Chinese enterprises want to go out to meet their own needs, attach importance to scientific research industry, and cultivate core technology of enterprises is the foundation. Only by relying on low-level repetitive processing, the development of enterprises with small amount of intellectual property rights will be gradually limited in the future, and enterprises with strong innovation ability can get the "customs clearance card".

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