Wire prevention damage method

Date:Jul 03, 2019

In the daily production and household wire process, wire short circuit, burnout, aging and other damage often occur. Then, through those means, it is possible to effectively prevent wire insulation damage and better protect the normal wire and cable performance operation. The following are three emergency measures taken in the event of wire insulation damage.

(1) The current through the wire should not exceed the safe current carrying capacity of the wire;

(2) Do not let the wires get wet, heat, corroded or bruised or crushed. Try not to let the wires pass through places with high temperature, high humidity, corrosive vapors and gases. The wires should be properly protected from the place where they are easily damaged. ;

(3) Regularly check the maintenance line. If it is defective, it should be repaired immediately. The old and aging wire must be replaced in time to ensure the safe operation of the line.

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