Why is the use of high temperature wire expanding

Date:Nov 14, 2019

The performance of the high temperature wire is high and low temperature resistance, resistance to all kinds of medium and the excellent aging resistance, can achieve the effect of oil waterproof and moisture proof, has been widely used in aerospace, electronics, household appliances and industrial equipment, and other fields, and with the progress of industry development, the use of high temperature wire field also is expanding constantly, below small make up to introduce in detail.

Nuclear power plant is one of the main application fields of the high-temperature wire industry in China. Due to the particularity of the industry, it is necessary to pay attention to the resistance to radioactivity in the production and design of the high-temperature wire. At present, the country attaches great importance to the construction of nuclear power plants, and the nuclear power strategy is also being developed and demand.

As the current global oil, natural gas energy increasingly nervous, start from the exploitation of land to sea on a large scale field, offshore oil and gas engineering project scale expands unceasingly, from the land to offshore oil platform, platform and the platform of electric power, communication between transmission and feedback, and control of technical data, makes the demand for high temperature wire integrated submarine use is growing. In addition to the need for a large number of oil platforms to use the seabed integrated high temperature wire, China's island development and utilization of the seabed integrated high temperature wire demand is also increasing

To cope with the economic crisis and expand domestic demand, the Chinese government has invested heavily in infrastructure construction. Among them, high-speed railway, urban rail transit, modern cars, ships and large aircraft are the key development projects in the future. These modern vehicles require a large number of power, control, signal and meter cables, driving the use and promotion of high-temperature wire products and promoting the growth of market demand.

The gradual expansion of the use of high-temperature wire is inseparable from the continuous improvement of product performance. As a well-known brand in the high-temperature wire industry, it has been investing a lot of energy in the research of improving the performance of high-temperature wire.

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