What is the structural material of wire and cable

Date:Jun 29, 2019

Choosing a cable is definitely a matter of seeing where you need to use it, so that you can do a detailed analysis of the wire and cable, and you can do some evaluation objectively. We can look at the product in detail for the specific situation. What are the structural materials, so that you can know whether it is reasonable when you actually choose, or whether the value of your own use is the best.

Basically, the cross-sectional shape is completely the same in the actual use process, and some specific characteristics are also very good in the actual use process, from the structural component point of view, it can be divided into wires, insulation layers, shielding The four structures of the protective layer and the protective layer will be more reassuring after the actual selection and use, and it is indeed possible to look at the specific scope of application. This is very important.

From the point of view of the materials of wire and cable, the material cost of processing in the process is very large, and the types and varieties of materials in the market are very much. In actual selection, it is necessary to look at specific performance. In this way, it is only at the time of analysis that it is reasonable to know whether the purity of the material itself is high or not. Only in this way can the quality of use be guaranteed.

Some products will choose chlorine-free high-purity copper when selecting materials. Wire and cable materials themselves need to pay attention to the manufacturing process and product performance. After understanding these, we can only know when we choose. It is not reasonable, or there are other advantages. This is indeed very important, and it needs to do some comprehensive analysis and understanding.

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