What impact will 5G bring to the wire&cable industry?

Date:Nov 09, 2019

      2019 is the outbreak year of 5G. Countries around the world, including China, have accelerated the commercial pace of 5G. What impact will 5G bring to the wire and cable industry?

5G is different from the previous network. In the past, no matter 3G or 4G, it is actually the difference between people's communication. 5G is different. The emergence of 5G is more for the interconnection between "things" and "things", "people" and "things". That is to say, all things based on the Internet of things are interconnected, forming a vast world. Because of this characteristic of 5G, the development of 5G will rely more on all kinds of equipment. Therefore, the wire and cable industry may take advantage of 5G to get new development.

       However, the domestic wire and cable industry also needs to make changes, and the new generation of wire and cable and connector suppliers should actively prepare for the arrival of 5G network. The arrival of 5G is bound to stimulate the development of the global wire and cable industry, but China's top ten cable enterprises only occupy less than 10% of the Chinese market share, that is to say, the leading enterprises have huge development potential, which can increase China's market share first.

      In the future, the prospect of China's wire and cable industry will be better, and the trend of industry product upgrading is obvious. It is expected that the industry demand scale will exceed 1.9 trillion yuan by 2024. With the help of 5G, the industrial capacity will be further improved.       

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