What are the most important indicators for measuring the quality of wire and cable?

Date:Nov 26, 2019

The selection of qualified wire and cable products is related to the safety of people's production and life. Therefore, the detection of wire and cable has always been an important part of the national standard wire and cable. The higher the quality inspection department within a wire and cable enterprise, the better the quality of the wire and cable produced by this enterprise, and the more reliable it is. The stricter the quality inspection department of the third party, the more favorable it is to the development of this industry. For ordinary consumers, in addition to knowing how to select qualified wire and cable products, it is necessary to understand the general monitoring knowledge of wire and cable. In the quality inspection of wire and cable, there are mainly the following important indicators.


 1.Measurement of wire DC resistance


 2.Insulation resistance test


 3. Measurement of capacitance and loss factor


 4.Insulation strength test


 5.Aging and stability test


 6.Thermal stability test


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