Two solutions to the wire question

Date:Dec 26, 2019

Who specified the color of the wires?What does a wire do to distinguish colors?

1.Who specified the color of the wires?

In the national standard gb50258-96 stipulated that when the wiring adopts polyphase conductor, the color of its phase line should be easily distinguished, and the color of phase line and zero line (that is, working zero line N) should be different.

Protective ground wire (PE wire) shall be insulated with yellow and green colors.Light blue insulated wire should be used for zero line (N line).According to GB/ t6995.2-2008, the cable color of L1/L2/L3 is yellow, green and red

2What does a wire do to distinguish colors

The country formulates the standard to require different cable to stipulate to use different color, basically be to distinguish the phase line in conductor correctly, zero line, protect ground line, prevent to produce wrong operation

In the general electric power construction units, although there are strict operating standards, but in the real construction, there will always be people due to careless or wrong operation, lead to wiring error, resulting in serious electric power accidents.

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