The method that electric wire cable to fight the cold

Date:Nov 15, 2019

If the wire and cable is laid in the outdoor, easy to be affected by the environment, causing damage to the wire and cable, so the cable in particular need to pay attention to is anti-freezing. Outdoor, it is often covered by ice and snow. When the weight of ice exceeds the weight stipulated by the cable, it is easy to pull down the transmission tower or telegraph pole, and the electricity will break itself. It causes a lot of trouble for transmission.

     There are two ways to avoid this:One, in the choice of cable, the need to choose to be able to withstand the cold cable, which will not be damaged by the cold. Then, the ice and snow fall on the wire and cable, causing the cable to be rotated by external forces, plus the cause of gravity, the cable is very easy to break. Therefore, cable rotation is the main cause of icing.But if the cable is a hard conductor, when the snow has accumulated enough, it is not easy to twist, and the snow will automatically fall from the wire. At the same time, due to wire and cable· with different hardness and density, when snow gradually solidifies towards ice, it will shatter automatically to a certain extent.Apply freezing coating on wires and cables as a protective coating. So - called freezing protection coating, is actually a high - temperature insulation coating or reflective insulation coating.Achieve insulation to achieve the purpose of anti-freezing. Also has waterproof, anti corrosive, moisture proof, anti - crack, fire prevention, insulation, and other functions.There are many different types and properties of freeze protection coatings on the market. 

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