The entire process of automotive wire harness processing

Date:Jul 01, 2019

1. First, determine the equipment used, and arrange the connection of each component, including the length, power or signal wire requirements to define the specifications. The choice of wires, the choice of connectors, the choice of auxiliary materials, etc., must first To define. The method of processing each type of automotive wire harness is similar.

2. After selecting the materials used for each of the above components, the wires are cut and the terminals are used. The machine used has a fully automatic terminal machine that can continuously set the wire size requirements. The efficiency and quality are very high. Can play double head, single head.

3. After all the terminals to be used are crimped with the fully automatic terminal machine, the rubber case is assembled and the connector is assembled. Before assembly, the drawings are required to pass through the number indicating tubes on each line. Each line is It has its own function. The number label must not be wrong. It requires very careful operation, and the tube must be "0" error.

4. After the above basic markings are made, the shaping process is carried out. The shaping process includes a basic neat shape, an insulating rubber type, a mute tape type, and a bellows type.

5. After wearing the terminal according to the specified requirements, perform all the dimensional measurements to confirm whether the requirements can be met. Then use the tester to test the entire line to prevent the terminal from wearing the wrong position.

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