The danger from unqualified insulation-thickness

Date:Oct 25, 2019

First of all, the unqualified insulation-thickness will reduce the life of wire&cable products' actual using. This point can be easily understood. After running for a long time, especially on the condition that directly buried, soaked in water, exposed in the open air, as a result of long time by external media corrosion, the thinnest point of the insulation and mechanical level of the insulation will be reduced, the thinnest point may be breached. In this way, the protection of the wire&cable insulation will be lost.


Second, the unqualified insulation thickness is easy to cause public safety events such as fire. For example, if the insulation thickness is uneven, which is very easy to cause the wire harness processing factory to cut broken on the thin side when their actually cutting the wire. At this time, it may not affect the wire's conduction, but it is very easy to produce sparks when the wire is powered on, which may cause a short circuit, leading the whole machine to be scrapped, and which also may cause fire, resulting as casualties and property losses.

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