The danger from unqualified conductor resistance

Date:Nov 06, 2019

Conductor resistance is an important index to check whether the conductor material and cross section of wire&cable are qualified. The reason for of unqualified conductor resistance is normally to reduce the cost, so the copper material which accounting for 80% of the cost of raw materials will easily be shrunk. Some factory may reduce the cross-sectional area of conductor, and some supplier may use recycled copper with too high impurity.

 But in fact, when the conductor resistance exceeds the standard, it increases the loss of current which passing through the wire&cable, and also intensifies the heating of the wire&cable. This problem not only shortens the service life of the wire&cable, but also accelerates the aging of the insulation in the use process, which is very easy to break the insulation, resulting in the exposed conductor, and also easy to cause fire.

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