Photovoltaic wire and its advantages

Date:Nov 07, 2019

Photovoltaic wire, referred to as PV wire, is a single conductor wire used for connecting photovoltaic power system panel.

      Photovoltaic system or solar panels is a kind of power generation system, it could capture sunlight to generate electricity through an energy conversion process. The PV wire is a kind of special wire designed for PV application.

       Comparing with ordinary PVC wires, the solar PV cable have many advantages. First of all, the solar cable has a thick insulation layer, which is normally with double layers of insulation, more suitable for protection purpose in various harsh environments. Secondly, the solar wire is one of the few single wire with rated voltage like 1000V or 1500V. Finally, the photovoltaic cable can operate and work without any problem under high temperature. In other words, the light and temperature also forms necessary conditions for its normal running.

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