Multi-core cable installation and inspection

Date:Jun 03, 2019

After the welding work of all the core wires is completed, the end of the spare wire is wrapped with a heat shrinkable sleeve. Then tighten the tail cover of the electrical connector, and fix the top end from the screw. At the same time, apply the insulation tape to wrap the cable surface compression ring. After the cable is pulled out, pull out the shield of the core wire and a screw on the compression ring. After the connection is made, the screws at both ends of the compression ring are tightened and fixed. After the tail cover of the electrical connector is installed, it should be connected and fixed with the cable to keep it stable. If the outer diameter of the cable passes during the installation process. Small, and the range of the electrical connector tail cover is large, the tail cover can not fix the cable well, then choose a suitable heat shrinkable sleeve and place it on the tail of the tail cover. After wrapping, the cable identification is reduced to The tail of the electrical connector, and in the process, pay attention to the identification of the cable and the position of the electrical connector. After the installation of the multi-core cable is completed, the cable should be inspected. In the process of inspection, it must be strictly in accordance with the drawings and technical requirements of the previous design. When testing the cable, the type and length of the cable are mainly checked. Insulation and performance


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