How to distinguish between wires and cables

Date:Jun 17, 2019

(1) The electric wire is composed of one or several soft wires, and the outer bread is made of a soft and soft covering; the cable is composed of one or several insulated electric wires, and the outer layer is made of metal or rubber. . Cables and wires are generally composed of three components: a core wire, an insulating sheath and a protective sheath.

(2) The small diameter is called "line"; the large diameter is called "cable".

(3) The structure is simple called "line"; the structure is complicated by "cable".

However, with the expansion of the scope of use, many varieties have "cables in the line" and "cable in the cable." So there is no need to make a strict distinction.

In daily habits, people call household wire as a wire and power cable as a cable.

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