Draw a wire harness diagram before arranging the harness

Date:Jun 10, 2019

The wire harness diagram should be drawn before the wire harness is arranged. The wire harness diagram is different from the circuit schematic diagram. A circuit schematic is an image that expresses the relationship between various electrical parts. It does not reflect how the electrical components are connected to each other, and is not affected by the size and shape of the individual electrical components and the distance between them. The harness diagram must take into account the size and shape of the individual electrical components and the distance between them, as well as how the electrical components are connected to each other.

After the technician of the wire harness factory made the wire harness wiring board according to the wire harness diagram, the worker cut the wire according to the regulations of the wire arranging plate. The main vehicle harness is generally divided into engine (ignition, electric spray, power generation, start), instrumentation, lighting, air conditioning, auxiliary electrical appliances, etc., with main wiring harness and branch wiring harness. A complete vehicle main harness has multiple branch harnesses, just like tree branches and branches. The main vehicle harness is often centered on the instrument panel and extends front and rear. Due to the length relationship or ease of assembly, some car wiring harnesses are divided into front wiring harnesses (including instruments, engines, front lighting assemblies, air conditioners, batteries), tail harnesses (taillight assemblies, license plate lights, trunk lights), roofs. Harness (door, ceiling, audio), etc. Each end of the harness will be marked with a number and a letter to indicate the connection object of the wire. The operator sees that the mark can be properly connected to the corresponding wire and electrical device, which is especially useful when repairing or replacing the wire harness. At the same time, the color of the wire is divided into a monochromatic line and a two-color line, and the use of the color is also specified, which is generally a custom standard of the car manufacturer. China's industry standards only specify the main color, for example, the single black is dedicated to the ground wire, and the red monochrome is used for the power line, which cannot be confused.

The wire harness is wrapped with a woven thread or a plastic tape. For safety, processing and maintenance, the woven wire package has been eliminated. It is now wrapped with viscous plastic tape. The connection between the harness and the harness, between the harness and the electrical component, using a connector or a wire ear. The connector is made of plastic and has a plug and socket. The wire harness and the wire harness are connected by a plug-in, and the connection between the wire harness and the electrical component is connected by a plug or a wire ear.

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