Development trend of special wire

Date:Oct 26, 2019

Nowadays, with the rapid development of national economy in our country wire industry development is increasingly mature. According to statistics, our national wire market is growing at a rate of 15%~20% per year. China became the second largest producer of electric wires after the United States.

Wire is an indispensable basic equipment in the process of electric energy transmission, information transmission and manufacturing of various electrical appliances, widely used in in power, construction, civil, communications, shipping, military industry, aviation and petrochemical industries and other fields.Special wire is different from our common wire,it is a special purpose wire.There are strict requirements on production technology and materials, characteristics, applicable conditions and other related product characteristics.

According to the statistical data of recent years,no matter the need of domestic or international development situation,or the country's devotion to the national defense development vigorously, the need of high temperature wire, heat resistant wire, the special needs of special wire products with rapidly expanding need quantity.It can be known that the market development demand of special wire will only become larger and larger and the market will not be saturated.


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