Develop risk points for overseas photovoltaic projects

Date:May 20, 2020

The new photovoltaic policy has been issued for a long time, and many enterprises have chosen to explore overseas markets. By 2020, the cumulative market capacity will reach $590 billion, of which about $400 billion will come from project financing, with the compound growth rate of overseas markets as high as 16%.But although the overseas "scenery" is good, investment is risky, overseas travel needs to be cautious.Risk is an existing fact, encountered risk can not stagnate, so for overseas market risk control is an important means.

Key risks of overseas photovoltaic projects

1 the risk of EPC.

2 the risk of delivery on schedule.

Most of the major overseas equipment, including components and inverters, are imported from China, and shipping and customs clearance policies will have a significant impact on the delivery of equipment on schedule.

Compared with the fixed bracket, the power generation of the tracking bracket is increased by 10% to 15%. However, the tracking bracket contains more than 100 components from different countries, which tests the supply chain management capability of EPC.

The insurance must cover the whole construction cycle from the factory to the site installation of the equipment. Wang hongwei said that in overseas projects, when the components of a project catch fire before installation, if there is no insurance, the loss of tens of millions of yuan needs to be borne by oneself, so the importance of insurance is self-evident.

3.Construction risk.

There are risks in subcontractor personnel management.In Europe and southeast Asia, for example, the European subcontractor can complete the entire pipelined operation. The same 20MW project can be completed in one or two months in Europe, but it may take half a year or one year in India.How to manage strike problems and improve efficiency is the key to test EPC.

There are also risks in the management of important equipment, component storage security to ensure the safety of construction.

How to deliver on schedule is also an important part of the consideration, once the COD delay, can delay, delay how long is the need to consider the problem.

Extreme weather is an irresistible factor, and precautions need to be taken.A recent sandstorm in the southern Indian state of rajasthan, for example, overturned supports and components, and several power stations were almost completely destroyed.

4Operational risk.

Delivery after the completion of the project, the high quality of operational services is very important, operational level determines the quality of 20 or 25 years power plant, power station returns and cash flow.In order to prevent the operational risk, needs operational business has rich operational experience, ability of fault timely response and operations of insurance cov


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