Deep integration of Internet + with wire &cable industry

Date:Dec 20, 2019

When the government work report explicitly put forward the "Internet +" action plan, "Internet +" is like a powerful hurricane, which has swept through all walks of life overnight.

The driver of the "Internet plus" policy is very popular in all industries. If we put the "Internet +" in our wire&cable industry, "Internet + cable" is a beneficiary for the suppliers and purchasers of the wire &cable industry. "Internet +" enables information to flow more and make full use of resources. "Internet +" effectively combines engineering projects, cable suppliers and cable purchasers, and broadens sales channels to help enterprises upgrade and upgrade. This year, tmall's "double 11" reached a record of 268.4 billion, while the sales of wires and cables on the Internet also reached a record high. In fact, "Internet + "is not simply gluing the Internet to traditional industries. This is not a "physical reaction", but a "chemical reaction", which is the reorganization of elements. It is a process of the Internet to transform the mode of production, economic model and industrial structure of traditional industries.

Industry 4.0 is an important part of "Internet +". Internet technology has reduced the information asymmetry between production and marketing, and accelerated the interrelationship and feedback between them. Therefore, the consumer driven business mode has been spawned, and industrial 4.0 is the key link to achieve this mode. Industry 4.0 represents the intelligent production of "Internet + manufacturing". It has nurtured a large number of new business models, and actively looking for ways and means of developing under the "Internet +" mode. It has become the top priority of the wire&cable enterprises, adapting to the new development mode and improving the quality and efficiency of products. Only by increasing technical investment and developing high-quality wire and cable products with environmental protection and energy conservation can we seize the golden opportunity of development and promote the healthy development of wire and cable enterprises. " Under the new normal, facing the new economic opportunities, wire & cable enterprises urgently need to change their minds, take the new technologies such as Internet +, share the economy, big data, cloud computing as an opportunity to adjust their concepts, actively explore and accumulate paving, seize the commanding heights, and cultivate the core competitiveness of the future enterprises.

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