Cable bacteria with high conductivity

Date:Nov 08, 2019

      Recently, scientists from Europe have discovered a very special kind of bacteria. This kind of bacteria can not only supply power by itself, but also transmit electricity through wires. Because its action characteristics are similar to those of ordinary cables, the discoverers call it: Cable bacteria. According to the scientists, this is a kind of bacteria from the sea. This kind of bacteria has a conductive fiber network, and its function is similar to that of copper core in the wire, which can realize the function of conveying current. This discovery has far-reaching significance for the future development of new materials science.

        The newly discovered cable bacterium is only centimeter long and its body structure is composed of thousands of cells. It was discovered by scientists several years ago, but no one can prove that it can conduct electricity at that time. Now, scientists from Europe have confirmed this. The reason why the cable bacteria can withstand high current is due to the special structure in the body. The cell wall of the cable bacteria contains a parallel fiber network extending along the entire length of the bacteria. When this fiber structure is placed on the electrode setting, high current can be seen.

The high conductivity of cable bacteria is due to the existence of fiber networks. In the past, we know that biomaterials, such as protein and fat, are very poor in conductivity, so this discovery will bring great opportunities for the development of new material technology. For example, one day in the future, our electronic products will be degradable materials, which will greatly reduce the generation of electronic waste. For example, it can be used in the medical field, and it will be automatically absorbed by the human body after the human body exerts its effect. In a word, the discovery of cable bacteria has brought infinite possibilities for the wire industry and new material field in the future.

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