Analyze the factors that affect the effectiveness of electric wires and cables

Date:Dec 27, 2019

1.Water - the moisture in a twisted pair cable on a LAN increases the capacitance of the cable, reducing the impedance and causing near-end crosstalk problems.

2.Grounding - if the shielding of the cable needs to be grounded, the corresponding standards must be complied with.

3.Heat - the cable has a high temperature in metal pipes or grooves, at which the life of many polymer materials is reduced.

4.In the relevant scale, the error of the length of the wire shall not exceed 2%, and the diameter of the section shall not exceed 0.02%

5.Due to the safety of wires and cables and other factors, the prices of wires and cables cannot meet the requirements of some users.But the user must not in order to save money, and ignore the safety, choose those low price, quality does not guarantee, accident hidden danger big inferior wire and cable.

6.Some users do not know enough about their electrical requirements and environmental conditions, and often choose the wrong type because they do not know enough about the range, requirements and performance of the cable and wire models.Such as high-rise buildings, computing centers, chemical industry, public entertainment places and personnel concentration and other occasions, to use fire retardant or fire-resistant cable.

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