Analysis of market development prospect of home appliance industry in southeast Asia

Date:Dec 28, 2019

In terms of category, TV has the highest penetration rate among the main sub-categories of home appliances in southeast Asia, and it is also the largest subcategory in the market,sales of air-handling equipment, including fans, air conditioners and air processors, came in second.It is also the category with the fastest compound growth in the past decade.Chef electricity (including range hood, gas stove, oven, etc.) and small kitchen electricity (including electric kettle, electric oven, coffee machine, bread machine, etc.) development period is more front, relatively small market size.

From the perspective of the market average price of household appliances, in southeast Asia, the average price of household appliances in Singapore is significantly ahead of other countries, which is mainly due to the developed economic level of Singapore and the consumption strength of residents.In addition, the average price of televisions and washing machines in Cambodia is also at the forefront.Based on different levels of economic development and differences in purchasing power, the average price of electricity in southeast Asia is low.Therefore, from the perspective of product upgrading and economic development, the average price of some household appliances in southeast Asia still has a large room for improvement.

 On the whole, the urbanization level in southeast Asia is low, the economic development is fast, and the penetration rate of home appliances is not high. In the future, the product price still has a large room for improvement. All these factors mean that there is still a huge room for development in the home appliance market in southeast Asia.

Considering the huge market cake of home appliances in southeast Asia, Chinese home appliance enterprises, japanese-funded enterprises, us-funded enterprises including famous german-funded enterprises are also increasing their layout in order to grab a larger market share.

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