5G+ ubiquitous power Internet of things

Date:Jun 01, 2020

Now, with the commercialization of 5G communication, it will build the technical foundation for the Internet of everything.In the future, as the ubiquitous electric Internet of things advances in depth, more and more people, objects and machines will be connected to this system, and three resources -- energy, data and computing power -- will be deeply integrated to build the physical foundation for various new "intelligent services".

The CPPCC national committee, China unicom dean Zhang Yunyong in an interview with our reporter said that everything is interconnected to reconstruct the value of the Internet, 5 g, the characteristics of low delay, high reliability, large bandwidth, perception in, join in, the characteristics of the intelligent flood in, is the base of power network, through 5 g technology combined with cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence technology to the physical world of digital mapping, making grid infrastructure, personnel and the environment of information recognition, perception of pan in interconnection, implementation power information sensing devices and communications information resources combination,It will informationize all links of traditional power production, transmission and consumption, and promote the deep integration of power grid and Internet.

In zhang yunyong's opinion, 5G is not only a technology, but also a powerful tool to promote social digitalization. The application of 5G technology to the power industry, helping the power industry to realize ubiquitous power Internet of things and smart grid, is an important direction of 5G application.Through in-depth understanding of the power industry, operators further quantify the technical indicators and architecture design of 5G network according to their technical requirements, and provide complete solutions that meet the business diversity, multi-scenario, low delay and differentiation of the power industry.

When 5G technology meets ubiquitous electric Internet of things, what wonderful "chemical reactions" will be generated?

Zhang Yunyong said, 5 g for the smart grid, accurate load control, power distribution automation information collection and distributed energy, different business scenarios provides high bandwidth, high reliability, low time delay and other quality can guarantee network virtual private network, able to face the various user units to provide personalized service, enterprise self-built fiber-optic compared private network at the same time, the cost can be greatly reduced.

1, it is early in the design, 5 g is considering the content - content of communications (machine), people - communication demand scenarios, the ultra low delay (1 ms), huge amounts of access (millions of connection/km2) features can ensure the information flow in the two-way high-speed transmission and large-scale users and a large number of safe and efficient operation of the business, can completely satisfy the pan in the power of things different levels of network development demand.

2, the era of 5G will bring about changes in business models and new forms of production and service.On the one hand, for the power grid itself, in the ubiquitous power Internet of things, overall perception is the foundation, and data fusion is the driver. By explicitly expressing the data in the process of power production, transmission and service, all businesses are digitized, and new business values are further mined in the data to generate new business models.For example, through the accumulation of 5G massive data real-time return and the learning of MEC fault mode of edge calculation, it can predict a device fault in advance and achieve predictive maintenance., on the other hand, the maximum value of the new formats is terminal services to our clients and the ability of big connection with 5 g power in electric power construction of Internet of things, strengthen the power grid enterprise internal perception, such as the planning and construction, scheduling control, operations, maintenance, etc., to the intelligent community, intelligent city overall energy solutions, intelligent traffic overall energy supply scheme, wisdom energy formula and transaction mode, users energy efficiency analysis and portrait, smart home and can use management etc.

"In addition, when it comes to the power supply of new energy vehicles, matching public charging piles with Internet of vehicles data can not only provide charging services for customers, but also expand to more vehicle services, and even share data information on the platform with the government and upstream and downstream enterprises of electric vehicles."Zhang yunyong added.

"5 g would considerably increase information communication for grid business support ability, extensive is in power the Internet of things and the depth of the 5 g network integration will surely push for safe, clean, harmonious and intelligent development of the electric power industry, enhance the level of the power industry informationization, intellectualized, real for economic development to provide reliable guarantee, provide a solid foundation for the intelligent industrial revolution."Zhang yunyong finally said.

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