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▲ Our History

XINYA, as a wire&cable manufacturer, was established in the year of 1987 under original name of “Zhejiang XINYA Electronic Co., Ltd.”.

In 1998, “Yueqing ZHIBEN Co., Ltd.”which focusing on PVC granulation was built.

The next year of 1999, XINYA opened another new factory for same wire&cable in Shanghai city.

And then 5 years later, in 2004, above 3 factories was merged into unified one with new name of“XINYA Electronic Co., Ltd”.

Finally in the year of 2018, the company is converted from original private type into a joint stock company.

Till now, XINYA has been committed to the production of various types of wire&cable more than 32 years.

▲ Our Factory

The factory has two main buildings for workshops, covering an area of 70,000 square meters, and have 700 employees for working. The production of different wires is controlled separately in different independent workshops according to the requirements of different systems like ISO13485, IATF16949 ect.

▲ Our Product

Main products:

Hookup wire, PVC wire, PE wire, Teflon wire, High speed wire, Power cord wire, Communication wire ect.1

▲ Product Application

All XINYA brand wires were widely used for internal&external of electronics and electrical appliances, communication, solar, auto, medical, industry.

▲ Our Certificate

All wire products got UL, CSA, VDE, PSE, JET, KTL certificate. And there are more than 30 production technologies which have been patented by the state.


▲ Production Equipment

Machine summary:

1) Pelletizer for PVC granulation: totally 7 sets.

2) Strander machine: totally 243 sets.

3) Winding&cabling machine: totally 46 sets.

4) Cage winch&tubular strander: totally 2 sets.

5) Doubling&braiding machine: totally 33 sets.

6) Extruder: totally 85 sets.

▲ Production Market

Total sales in 2018 reached 163.81 million US Dollar, and overseas sales account for 10% of total. At present, the main overseas markets mainly involve Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Poland, the United States, Russia and others. XINYA brand wire products are widely used in well-known brands at home& abroad such like SAMSUNG, LG, PANASONIC, SONY, CANON, SHARP, WHIRLPOOL, ELECTROLUX, HAIER, GREE, HISENCES, TOSHIBA, DAIKIN, YAMAHA, HONDA, LENOVO and so on.


▲ Our Service

1) In addition to Engineering Department, there is an independent R&D department responsible for the design and development of new products to ensure that products fully meet both customer requirements and industry ones.

2) Strict control on quality:

- 100% inspection for incoming raw material;

- 100% first inspection of each procedure;

- All materials and inspections are traceable;

- Outgoing inspection for finished products;

- Every batch of outgoing 100% inspection.

3) Full responsibility on quality problems:

- There is no excuse for quality problems.

- We company has an independent customer complaints department to support after-sales service.

- Feedback is required within 48 hours for customer complaints.

- For major or special problems, special task forces will be set up.